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    Plate Mounting Tape

    Plate Mounting Tape attached to the printing plate Is a double-sided adhesive coated foam tape Designed specifically for the installation of thick photopolymer panels for printing options

    flexographic label printing This medium hard foam is a good choice for combination and solid printing.

    Foam properties

    • Highly compressed type foam and good recovery for excellent print quality
    • Long recovery properties for large printing and high-speed printing
    • Low thickness tolerances for fast print preparation and waste reduction, waste reduction

    Adhesive properties

    • The adhesive that opens from the roll has a high adhesion with steel cylinder or sleeve to avoid the movement of the plate.
    • High adhesion to plates to avoid straight edges or discs
    • The constant adhesion force is not increased for easy stripping, re-positioning and especially for the removal of plates and adhesive tapes.
    • Special glue for pulling out the adhesive tape without residual glue
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    Picture of SOKEN SCA-7924S Double Sided Tape

    SOKEN SCA-7924S Double Sided Tape

    Sokan SCA7924S-05 Double sided plastic adhesive tape Is a high quality acrylic adhesive Properties of this adhesive tape When peeling off the active skin Will not leave adhesive stains on the surface
    ฿9,000.00 excl tax
    Picture of SOKEN A-7720D Double Coated Tape

    SOKEN A-7720D Double Coated Tape

    SOKEN A-7720D Double Coated Tape 2-sided thin adhesive tape with high efficiency, can be used to attach well and can be used on all surfaces With high adhesion ability And easy to peel off Can work well within different temperature conditions Durable in various conditions Can be used to attach metal, glass, plastic, etc.
    ฿130.00 excl tax