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    Spray Adhesive

    Spray Adhesive is a type of glue that is packed in the form of cans That can adjust the distribution of the spray head According to the suitability of the job Spray adhesive is suitable for bonding foam, does not bite foam, wood fabric, foil paper, plastic, other fiberglass coated materials. High quality adhesive texture Not diffuse Thus saving the amount of glue usage High concentration The glue does not bleach under the work surface. Fastening and fast drying

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    Picture of 3M Heavy Duty 20 Spray Adhesive

    3M Heavy Duty 20 Spray Adhesive

    Spray glue 20 is a high strength adhesive. With fast adhesion Firmly fixed in wood and used in other types of work such as plastic, steel, work pieces, laminates and others There is a spray head that can adjust the spray spray width to suit the nature of the job.
    Picture of 3M Multi-Purpose 27 Spray Adhesive

    3M Multi-Purpose 27 Spray Adhesive

    Spray glue 27 Anek Prasong Is a adhesive with fast adhesion Aerosol spray Used for attaching paper, cardboard, cloth, soft foam and other lightweight materials etc.
    Picture of 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

    3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

    Spray adhesive 77 is a spray adhesive for the attachment of lightweight workpieces. Want to stick permanently The glue does not spread very much, saving the use of glue. The glue does not absorb under the work surface and does not leave the adhesive residue. Suitable for use with many materials such as foil, foam, plastic cloth, other fiberglass coated materials. No CFC Help preserve the environment
    Picture of 3M 55 Spray glue

    3M 55 Spray glue

    Spray glue 55 feature Regardless of the surface can be applied quickly and evenly, is in one-side coating adhesion. It is possible to design work in most materials (paper, metal foil, Cork, textiles etc) bond.
    Picture of 3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray Adhesive

    3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray Adhesive

    3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray Adhesive is an economical, fast-drying spray adhesive that bonds foam and fabric to a wide range of substrates. Our permanent bond provides fast results to keep projects moving ahead. The non-yellowing formula dispenses easily in a lace-spray pattern and applies directly onto surfaces and materials where needed.